The NKZN Youth Choir is home to ± 60 enthusiastic young choristers ranging from the ages of 15 – 21. The choir is selected annually from 12 schools in and around NKZN. These schools are situated in Newcastle, Madadeni, Dundee, Glencoe, Vryheid, Ladysmith and even Volksrust and Vrede.

The choir performs in local festivals and concerts as well as sharing the stage with other South African Youth Choirs in choral events.

In the past, the NKZN Youth Choir has had much success in national and international choral competitions and regularly toured overseas.

Aim of the choir

  • To foster a love for choral music and singing amongst the youth of NKZN.
  • To enrich the community of NKZN through choral singing
  • To create a place of sanctuary for extraordinary kids, building confidence and encouraging a healthy and positive self-esteem.
  • To uplift and give hope through music.
  • To engage choristers in an organization based on a Christian ethos whilst promoting the values and ethics that the NKZN Youth Choir stands for.


The NKZN Youth Choir has its roots in the Natal Youth Choir that was under the leadership of Veronica Van Rooijen from 1988 – 1990. During this time, the amount of talent in Northern Natal lead the establishment of a second Youth Choir in the province. In 1991, the Department of Education approved the establishment of the NKZN Youth Choir. The choir has operated independently from the Department of Education since 1994. Since then the choir has grown and flourished under the leadership of conductors from across NKZN.

1992 – 1994    Veronica Van Rooijen
1995 – 1999    Ria Grobler
2000 – 2004  Sonja Van Amstel
2005 – 2009  William Silk
2010 – 2014    Walter Butt
2015 –              Ricka Willemse

Management and Staff


Musical Director: Ricka Willemse
Treasurer: Steyn Vermaas

Support Staff

Accompanist: Elize Bekker
Administrative Assistant: Amy Holmes