Membership fees for 2021 are as follows:

R3500 for the year

Membership Fee:

  • Membership fees for 2021 – 2022, two payament options available:
  • Option 1:  Once off payment (Via the website or EFT)
  • Option 2: 10 x monthly installments (R350pm from June – November 2021 & February – May 2022)
  • Audition Fee 

    R100.00Add to cart

Membership fee includes the following:

  • Sheet Music
  • Access to the ‘members only’ website
  • Rehearsal tracks on the website
  • Meals at all concerts
  • Mask

Membership fees exclude the following:

  • Transport
  • Meals when traveling
  • Pocket money
  • Accommodation cost (where applicable)

Extra costs:

  • Black Blazer
  • NKZN Youth Choir Badge (available for order form NKZN Youth Choir office)
  • Boys Uniform:
    • Black trousers
    • White long sleeve shirt
    • Blazer and Badge
    • Black school shoes
    • NKZN Youth choir tie (available for order form NKZN Youth Choir office)
    • Choir shirt (New members only)
  • Girls Uniform:
    • Black Dress – Hired from the NKZN Youth Choir at R300 for the year.
    • Blazer and Badge
    • Black pumps
    • Choir shirt (New member only)
  • Camp:
    • There will no longer be a campp in December but instead a workshop for girls and boys separately to learn the bulk of the music. Final rehearsals will then continue in Term 1 of 2022 after which the concert series will start
    • Take note that this means that the choir selected in 2021 will only perform in 2022. There might be on or two smaller performances towards the end of this year, depending on the calendar.

Banking Details

NKZN Youth Choir
ABSA Bank Newcastle
ACC No: 4054689739      
Branch: 632005
Reference: Name and Surname